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February 05 2018

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I’m waiting for the non-awesome part.

February 04 2018


so i make an account on some garbage website. i dont wanna name an actual website so lets just make one up, lets call it tumblr dot com. and i open up the website, and i say “can i check my activity now please?” and they go “NO. IT CRASHES THE APP IF YOU TRY.” (spits) and i go “O-KAAAAY” and then i go to the bathroom. and i go “ANY UPDATES?” and they say “YEAH. WE DELETED YOUR BLOG WHILE YOU WERE IN THE BATHROOM. BECAUSE WE HATE YOU. NOW TAKE THIS VIDEO STREAMING SERVICE THAT NO ONE USES. GO, FETCH!” and i go OOOOOKAAAAAAAY and then i go to email tumblr support which is an oxymoron and i say “can i please make posts on the website” and they go “NO! IN FACT WERE GONNA FRAME YOU FOR MURDER! AND YOURE GONNA GO TO JAIL FOR THIRTY YEARS!” and i go “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!” and they say “BECAUSE WERE TUMBLR DOT COM AND LIFE IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE!”


me: hmm… i wonder if the reason im doing this unhealthy thing… is because it’s at least something i know how to control… unlike that glaring problem in my life that i dont understand how to fix?

the microsoft paperclip that lives in my brain and thinks it has a phd because it took a semester of ap psych in high school: hi! it looks like you’re using language of introspection. are you trying to self-actualize?

me: i need to do it on my own this time, clippy




Also criticize anarchism, fine, but there’s way more schools of thought to it than just the tunglr.hell anprim bullshit and that one 9/11 truther who thinks the noble savage idea is radikewl, even though I know they make great memes and sassy gotchas in the discourse

anprims are allowed to exist so long as this meme keeps being funny:

You make a hard sell with “anprims are allowed to exist,” but this is indeed a damn good meme.



“gays are ruining the sanctity of marriage”



February 03 2018

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day awakening

by Denny Bitte

Reposted byczeresniaareyousureaboutthis
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my mutuals: say something that i absolutely do not understand
me: 💖💘💓❤️💕💓💖💞❤️💘💖❤️💕💓💖💞💖💘❤️💕💘💖❤️💓💞💕💖💖💘💕💖💘💞💞💓💞💕💞💓❤️💘💖💞💕💞💞💕💓❤️💖💘💕💞💘💘❤️💓💕💖💘💓

This is me at all my weird markiplier milking mutuals!


February 02 2018


Brain: You’re a horrible, worthless, garbage person, and your life is going nowhere but to hell.

Me: I don’t know what the fuck you expect me to do about that at 11PM, my dude.

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guy inspecting my bag at the airport: hmm, this bag is full of stupid garbage… looks like the owner is a dumb shitass too. arrested.


*feels nothing* mmm, don’t like that
*feels something but like, too much* mmm not a fan of that either

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no one hates hux as much as domhnall gleeson

Ordinary actors: You know, I understand this character is a villain, but I just tried to see where they were coming from and find a way to empathize with them. Everyone is a hero in their whole story uwu

Domhnall Gleeson: This man is truly despicable. I used my hatred of him and his ilk to fuel my craft and boom, there’s Hux. 


ok so we all read aCoK as “a cock” right, it’s not just me

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