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July 03 2017


who else here is a boring bitch with no personality, talent, or passion and will most likely live an uneventful life

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“Why Liberals Are Wrong About Trump” essay goes viral

Jesus, even political opinion pieces get to the recipe quicker than cooking blogs.

^Reblogging for this comment.





I’m suddenly laughing at the idea of a cliche noir detective story written in the brutally concise style of Hemingway.

A woman walked into my office. She had legs. I noticed her legs. “I have a problem. I need your help,” she said. They always said that. I knew her legs weren’t the problem. I hoped she might want my help with them anyhow.

“Can you pay?” I asked. Of course she could. Her shoes were worth more than my rent. She could pay.
“I can pay,” she said. Her eyes were wet. I wondered if anything else was wet. Probably not. I am not handsome. Not since the war.
She was looking at my scar. Lots of people do. Most look away. Not her. She did not look away. She looked at my scar and I looked at her legs. There were two of them. I liked that about her. I liked that a whole lot.
“Will there be danger?” I asked. There always is. This city bleeds danger, then drinks it right back up again.

“I’m afraid there might be danger,” she said. She had the voice of a beautiful woman. She also had the face and body of a beautiful woman. She was beautiful.

The light from the window was striped. It made stripes on my cigarette smoke. The end of my cigarette crumbled into ash. My marriage had also crumbled into ash.

“I can handle danger,” I said. I patted the butt of my gun. My gun was a Colt. My gun and my scar were all that was left from my time as a soldier. My gun, my scar, and the nightmares. I looked her up and down. “I am good at handling things.”

#it was raining and my dick was hard

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The Burlingame Enterprise, Kansas, August 14, 1913

Get rekt, Edison.

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Ben Affleck’s 2010 movie “the town” was originally called “the clown”, but producers decided it was too confusing, as there was no clown in the film

but you just said Ben affleck was in it

July 02 2017

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Straight people out here shooting up their own fucking babies

#We did it honey#the evil is defeated (via @beasthenshin)

this is the most white heterosexual nonsense ive ever seen

congrats! your smokebox was blue

this means you will birth a Denim Child


I don’t understand why you are all so offended by this. They found out the genre of their baby by doing something they like to do. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE ISSUE HERE? WHY IS EVERYONE ON THIS WEBSITE SO HYPERSENSITIVE ABOUT EVERYONE ELSES LIVES. BACK TF OUT OF PEOPLES BUSINESS FOR FUCKS SAKE.

The genre of their baby

Easy Listening Baby

Smooth Jazz Baby

post-progressive dreamfunk baby

Honey do you see the dreamy blue hues rippling in the residue of the vaporized car? We’re having a vaporwave baby

ハヤテグッドボーイI N F A N T

>tfw no vaporwave baby

This post is a journey

i had to read through this post that already started off stressfully and now you do too

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you know a book is going to go hard as hell when this is the opening line

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me: oh yeah 2007, three years ago?
someone: …10 years ago
my brain

controversial opinion



dogs and cats are…….. both good……

This is bullshit. Dogs and cats are both GREAT


The floor is bi women and lesbians defending and uplifting each other


Ppl without ADHD be like “oh if I get rid of all possible distractions then you’ll be forced to focus on the boring task!” Fool… You underestimate my Power 

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I stumbled upon some real character development on YouTube of all places

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“Then shall Hippolyte honor her with the name of a great and holy warrior! She shall be…Diana!” – Wonder Woman 1987 (Gods and Mortals)


this is a decorative pillow hate blog if u think having 34 little useless uncomfortable pillows in front of the pillows u actually sleep on is a good idea fucking unfollow me

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