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May 29 2017

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Every time.

Every time I see this, I lose my shit.


I don’t know if it’s the context itself, Joker’s fucking smile before it happens, the complete lack of captions, that you only see Batman’s fist. But it’s the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen, and it cracks me up every single time.

I can’t? 




do you ever wonder how things would have been different if people had chosen Trash Hogan instead of the Final Pam?

Bad End

May 28 2017

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Y'all are here giving me a hard time when Mark Hamill himself is on Team Daddy Binks.

I can’t believe I have to kinkshame Mark Hamill himself…

May 27 2017


Prediction: as more women become enthusiastic about Elizabeth Warren, it will become gauche on the left to support her. 


when you really love the aesthetic posts and fanart for a fandom you’re not in

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dogs deserve to live forever

And humans don’t?

absolutely not

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Self-driving cars roam wild! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the president now! 

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Husband was looking for me all round the house so he could show me something he’d made but he couldn’t find me so he just shouted really loudly, “Fantasy and Sci-fi are the same genre!” and the rational part of my brain doing laundry was like “I’m not responding to a meme, wait where am I going—” as I ascended up the basements stairs like the wrath of god, and he just turned like “there you are” and I’m SO MAD THAT IT WORKED

this delights me

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May 26 2017

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Oh. My. Fuck. 

This is one of those things you do as a parent bc ur an asshole and know that your kid doesn’t know any better and you know that like fine wine this is only going to get funnier with age, like a great big bottle of uncorked shame

I’m making my kid do this

May 25 2017

By the end of my first full day with Dorothy Evans and her customers, I had come to realize that although the Smithton women are not accustomed to thinking about what it is in the romance that gives them so much pleasure, they know perfectly well why they like to read. I understood this only when their remarkably consistent comments forced me to relinquish my inadvertent but continuing preoccupation with the text. Because the women always responded to my query about their reasons for reading with comments about the pleasures of the act itself rather than about their liking for the particulars of the romantic plot, I soon realized I would have to give up my obsession with textual features and narrative details if I wanted to understand their view of romance reading. Once I recognized this it became clear that romance reading was important to the Smithton women first because the simple event of picking up a book enabled them to deal with the particular pressures and tensions encountered in their daily round of activities.

Radway, J. A. (1984). Reading the romance: Women, patriarchy, and popular literature. Univ of North Carolina Press.

Before Joanna Russ or Patricia Frazer Lamb and Diana L. Veith had tentatively started writing about Kirk/Spock slash, and before Henry Jenkins or Camille Bacon-Smith had begun their ethnographies of fandom, before fan studies was even a thing, Janice A. Radway sat down with a group of women who avidly read romance novels, trying to understand why. As the quote above indicates, Radway’s initial interest was in romance novels as a textual form: how do they work, what stories do they tell, what messages do they send, and just why are they so damn popular? What she didn’t expect was how deeply romance novels were intertwined with her research participants’ day-to-day lives. She found she couldn’t just focus on the texts - she had to look at the practices of those who read them too. While Reading the Romance isn’t a fan studies work as such, it marked a key shift in cultural studies, from looking at texts alone to looking at what audiences did with texts, from viewing audiences as entirely passive to recognising their agency. This in turn enabled others to start asking the kinds of questions that eventually established fan studies as a field.

(Oh, and the book helped establish popular romance studies as a field too - talk about overachieving! Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some more quotes from popular romance studies research, partly because a lot of it is fan-centric, and partly because fanfic and romance have quite a lot in common, so understanding one helps with understanding the other.)

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of Radway’s research participants on what happens when she picks up a romance novel: “Because I think men do feel threatened. They want their wife to be in the room with them. And I think my body is in the room but the rest of me is not.”

(via fanhackers)

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Crab emerging from its old shell and straight into my nightmares.

Old crab is a bottom


Dogs are the literal best and let me tell you why.

When my parents are out of town, my pup Remmy sleeps downstairs with me. I don’t mind because the basement is chilly sometimes and he’s a fuzzy little space heater. But he always does this weird thing and I didn’t figure out why until last night.

I’m a stomach-sleeper, while the rest of my family are back-sleepers. So Remmy has taken up this very different behavior with me (my family says he doesn’t do it with them). It always takes me a while to settle down, but when I do, Remmy takes his head off of his paws and rests it square in the center of my back.

So I’m thinking, “What’s the point of that? It can’t be comfortable. It cranes his neck in a funny way, and besides, every time I breathe his head goes up and down. That’s a weird thing.” So I formulate a hypothesis, and test it.

Last night, I got comfortable, Remmy put his head on my back, I waited a while, then I held my breath. It took him a while to react, but when he did, he fuckin lost it. He started whining and yipping, and repeatedly licking my face and hands. And I was like oh my god.

Conclusion: my dog noticed that I slept in a way that was different from the rest of my family, thought “that kid is gonna die” and made sure that I never stopped breathing in the middle of the night.

Dogs are fuckin smart as hell. What a wonderful animal.


please stop trying to make ed sheeran sexy. i don’t want to picture him feeling any kind of desire. the only thing i can picture him doing is taking his pet lizard out to the park for some sun, and that’s alright by me

May 24 2017

Why do we say "eat the rich" when we could be saying "voregeoisie"?

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