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May 23 2018

hey, heroes, is pillars of eternity worth it?


Ron just got his howler from his mom yelling at him for stealing the car. He seems super embarrassed and most of the Great Hall is laughing. But here’s the thing:

Ron is 12 years old.

Ron stole a car.

Ron fucking stole a fucking car at the age of TWELVE.

I would not be laughing at him. Ronald Weasley is a fucking bad ass. When was the last time you jacked a car Malfoy? That’s what I thought. Bitch.



someone more eloquent than me please elaborate on the fact that atlantis the lost empire is about a guy who doesn’t realize he’s in somebody else’s heist movie until too late

like, the heist movie gang was all there and everything

I don’t know that eloquence is needed. That’s literally the plot of the movie. You summed up pretty much the central conflict. It’s wonderful.

May 22 2018

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this election has gone completely off the rails and it’s still only february i am LIVING

alternate theory


gina definitely didn’t bring that dress for her to wear herself. u know she brought amy a wedding dress just in case homegirl was stupid enough to wear a grey pantsuit to her own wedding. that dress was perfect for amy and entirely wrong for gina and we all know it 

(gina secretly loves her favorite local nerd)

i’m starting to suspect that my parents are incapable of hearing podcasts

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I think I live in a fairy tale. 

Instagram: rachelvonhahn

May 21 2018







I wonder if I can ask Tumblr for help and get an answer…?

Somewhere around 7-8 years ago, I read a fantasy novel that I can’t remember the title or author of. I thought I kept this book, but going through the bazillion I own, I can’t find it anywhere. I really want to read it again.

As per my usual, it involves dragons. However, the start of the story is about a young girl (an outcast?) being reluctantly rescued by a mer-folk that took her hair in payment for that rescue (from drowning?). Later she meets up with a strange man that turns out to be a rare black dragon in human form, who “teaches” her slight of hand (which is actually natural magic she possesses and that he’s refining). I know there’s dwarves involved at some point, but I also what to say there are elves as well(?). Hence my desire to read this book again; I honestly can’t remember much beyond the interactions between girl and dragon.

I want to say the cover (paperback) had a black dragon on the front, but after hunting this down for the last year and a half, I can’t remember if it did, or if I’m remembering other book covers.

Can anyone help me? Or singal boost me in the direction of other fantasy aficionados? I really miss this book.

Oh, and I forgot to mention… This would be a one-shot and not part of a series. Or if it’s a series, it would be the first book of it, but I highly doubt it.

Signal boosting myself because I really want to find this book. ;_;

Coming up on 5 months, and still haven’t found this book. Hoping some of my new followers might be about to help, please?

I’m gonna spread this around too, cuz now I wanna read it.

I am ashamed to admit I have no clue, and I love reading ^^

Any of my many followers have any idea?

This might be a needle in a haystack, but I’m guessing one of my followers will know. ;) 

was this a romance?

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enough with referring to male violence as heterosexual culture or straight culture

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Never fuck with Hunk

Twitter | Instagram


power move: exclusively referring to sports played by women as “sports” and all the men’s sports exclusively as “men’s sports”

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They’re not wrong.

Yeah, I’m seeing no inaccuracies here.

Honestly these kids are spot on.


look at these lil leopard ferrets

this lil guy is called the marbled polecat!!!!!




You know when girls wear fishnets under shorts or ripped jeans… that’s some Good Shit™

Pretty edgy. Also 3 outh of 4 times a hoe

actually men aren’t allowed to talk about women so jot that down





I’m sorry but when was someone going to tell me that in the year of our lord 2018 that the fucking Backstreet Boys put out a new song

This……might be the most bizarre thing to happen in 2018

My 8 year old self would be thrilled tho

@superqueerpasta 2018 is a fever dream 


I am dying because this song is stuck in my head after one listen and I genuinely like it.  Like I wasn’t super into boy bands so I don’t think it is a nostalgia effect.  Also, I love that AJ is still committed to his Aesthetic ™ of wearing whatever the fuck he wants.      

May 20 2018

Creative photos from mom and her two daughters



Instagram : @allthatisshe

I love all three of them instantly.





the least realistic thing about star trek is that starfleet uniforms don’t have pockets and nobody complains about it

My instinct is to agree with this, but like, when I really think about it…

No money, no credit cards, identification is all vocal/fingerprints/retinal, so no wallet.

Again, doors are voice activated, or just unlocked by entering a code.  No keys.  

Communication devices are tiny and stick onto clothing starting in Next Gen.  TOS had bulkier communication that they carried around or kept in, like, packs and stuff, so the arguments for pockets is a little more valid, and if I remember correctly, those costumes did have pockets, tho I could be wrong about that.  But anything post TNG, the point is moot anyway.

Tricorders and phasers are really the only thing anyone’s carrying around, and that’s usually on away missions where they’d be bring their packs/holsters or just have them out.  I mean, who wants to stick a phaser in their pocket?  

So, yeah.  There’s not much little stuff people need to carry around everywhere.  And if they are preparing for a longer journey or want to bring bulkier things, well…just bring a bag.  It fits more anyway.    

what if i find a cool rock and want to take it home with me

Every time a member of the USS Enterprise has found a cool rock and taken it home, it has resulted in eleven deaths, six temporal displacements, the holodecks breaking again, and somebody getting turned into a lizard. Pockets are a privilege, not a right.

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